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At MoreTranz® we care about our customers. We offer top quality Direct to Film (DTF) Transfers with the most accurate color matching available in the DTF industry and quick turnaround times.

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We are Steve and Jené Morché, the founders and owners. We have previous careers in information technology (IT) and fashion design. We have always wanted to start our own business, and in 2010, we founded Morché Designs, an apparel decorating company, and in 2022, we created MoreTranz®, a DTF Transfers company.

As a small apparel decorating business, we started out with only one Direct to Garment (DTG) printer and one embroidery machine, but flash forward 12 years, we have grown our clientele and business each year, totaling over 14,000 customers.

We are always looking for better ways to decorate apparel, and that’s why we decided to give DTF Transfers a try. We found the DTF Transfers easy to use, and we even did our own in-house wash test to evaluate the durability and quality. We were extremely pleased with the results!

However, we weren’t thrilled with the CMYK color limitations that often occur with DTF Transfers, so we sought a solution. MoreTranz® uses a custom DTF printer that has the capability to print in CMYK and RGB simultaneously, meaning, we can print your designs and have them appear bright and vibrant the way they look on your monitor.

DTF Transfers eliminate all the hours we use to spend weeding vinyl, preparing eco-sol digital heat Transfers (printing, weeding, and masking), setting up screens for screen-printing, and redesigning clients’ artwork to lower screen printers’ color-costs.

The ease and flexibility of DTF Transfers have made apparel decorating production so much more efficient! We love the product so much that we decided to offer DTF Transfers to other apparel decorators just like us. We have the hands-on experience to know that DTF Transfers will be a game changer for your business too!

If you have any questions, we are happy to help!

MoreTranz® is a Morché Designs company.

Our Team

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