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Easy Upload Process

Don’t break a sweat! Just toss your gang sheet into the upload box above. If you hit a roadblock, no worries – if your designs are ready to print, email us and get ready to steal the show.

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Say goodbye to limitations – our Custom UV Direct to Film (DTF) Transfers offer vivid, full-color printing using Durable UV Ink. Enjoy:

  1. Our advanced UV Direct to film transfers ensures every hue pops, creating prints that leave a lasting impression.
  2. Our UV DTF transfers capture complicated details with razor-sharp clarity, making every print a perfect masterpiece.
  3. From paper to plastic, glass to metal, embrace the versatility that sparks endless creative possibilities.
  4. Our UV technology ensures swift curing, eliminating the waiting game. Say goodbye to drying times and welcome prints ready for action in no time.
  5. Our UV Gang Sheet Printing utilizes top-notch materials, guaranteeing a durability that echoes volumes. Your creations will maintain brilliance long after leaving our printers.

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Make your printing a breeze with MoreTranz®! Upload now and discover the endless possibilities of UV DTF transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does UV Gang Sheet Decal Printing work?

UV gang sheet DTF Decal Printing uses advanced technology to transfer vibrant designs onto a film sheet. The UV process ensures vivid colors and sharp details.

  1. Can I apply on different materials?

Absolutely! UV Gang Sheet Decals are versatile and work on various materials like paper, plastic, glass, and metal.

  1. How quickly do prints dry?

Prints dry quickly with UV technology, saving you time. No more waiting around for your decals to be ready!

  1. Are UV prints durable?

Yes, UV Gang Sheet prints are highly durable. They withstand the test of time, maintaining their brilliance and clarity.

  1. Is the process user-friendly?

Absolutely! Our UV Gang Sheet Decal Printing process is straightforward. Just upload your design, and we’ll handle the rest. Easy and efficient!

Additional information

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DTF Gang Sheet Sizes

11.5" x 12, 11.5" x 24, 11.5" x 36, 11.5" x 48, 11.5" x 60", 22" x 12", 22" x 24", 22" x 36", 22" x 48", 22" x 60", 22" x 72", 22" x 84", 22" x 96", 22" x 108", 22" x 120"